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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Site Day Jobs

 This is a list of jobs for today.  Any members unable to attend today can attend the next site day in Sept/Oct or if any of these jobs don't get done today they can have a crack at them.  Ill post later what remains to be done..

To be moved and treated

Shoring up
Sean, Brendan’s old plot and Nicks

Maureen plot has a hole which needs fixing – I have some fencing.

Paint and any general repairs – north side needs attention

Water tanks
Check all plumbing – and report back

Wood Store
Check out possibility of using the scaffold we have –
Move wood out of the roof space

Mark to get materials – sand, liners etc

Notice board on site hut
I have some Perspex – need someone a bit handy – maybe a job for later

Safety Check on poles 
Tennis balls to be cut and placed on top

Dead tree on top path to be taken out – Mehmet’s plot – some sort of post reinstated

Strimming and weeding – geoff to run strimmer to test

Rear steps – to be weeded and checked – repaired if needed

Check site boundaries - report back

Dandelion dead head - they are everywhere this year

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