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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Site Day - Spring 2009

This year's first site day was on Saturday 25th April and it was a pretty good day. Attendance wasn't bad but I'm afraid that it consisted of the usual faces that turn out time after time. Thanks to all of you who did turn out - we got a lot of work done and a had bit of a laugh. This year we tried a new approach of organising what we were doing beforehand. This mainly consisted of having a meeting in the pub the Thursday before. Everything fell into place after a few pints of Dragons Den and we arrived on site day knowing everything would be ready. Mike had got plentiful supplies of scaffolding poles and planks, Clare was delivering paving slabs (picked up for free on Freecycle) and laid on the food and post work beers, Geoff had the strimmer setup and Tom and I assumed er supervisory roles.
Everyone was given tasks to the work quickly moved ahead. The main thing was shoring up the far steps so Mike cut poles and other cut planks and creosoted them while the chaps got stuck in with spades. It was a big job but everyone stuck at it, norished by the rolls that Jane's girls made up, and did a bang up job.
Meanwhile Lucy and Kirsty strimmed like mad and Jackie was busy with the tennis balls on spiky sticks! Loads of other did more than their fair share and the committee's thanks go out to all who turned up to make it an enjoyable and productive

Here's a slide show of the usual pics

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Mike F said...

seeing those sparks reminds me that I must take some lessons in using a grinder, as they burnt a hole right through my . . . overalls